Indigenous Children’s Booklist

Younger Readers:

  • First Laugh: Welcome, Baby! · Written by Rose Ann Tahe [Naaneesh’t’ezhi Tachii’nii nish’li (The Charcoal Streaked Division of the Red Running Into the Water Clan) born for Ashiihi bashish’chiin (Salt People Clan)], and Nancy Bo Flood · Illustrated by Jonathan Nelson [Navajo; Kiiyaa’áanii (Towering House Clan) and Naakai Dine’é (Mexican Clan)].
  • Bowwow Powwow: Bagosenjige-niimi’idim · Written by Brenda J. Child (Red Lake Ojibwe Nation) · Illustrated by Jonathan Thunder (Red Lake Ojibwe Nation) · Translated by Gordon Jourdain (Ojibwe, Lac La Croix First Nation).
  • We Are Water Protectors · Written by Carole Lindstrom (Anishinabe/Metix, Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe Indians) · Illustrated by Michaela Goade (Raven moiety/ Kiks.ádi Clan).
  • A Day with Yayah · Written by Nicola I. Campbell (Nicola Valley, BC First Nations) · Illustrated by Julie Flett (Cree-Métis heritage).
  • At the Mountain’s Base · Written by Traci Sorell (Cherokee Nation) · Illustrated by Weshoyot Alvitre (Tongva, Los Angeles Basin).




The Salt Lake City Public Library System

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