Five Years Later: No Late Fees for City Library Patrons

“Getting rid of fines has really changed the way we use the Library,” said Pam, a patron at the Main Library picking up books with her young daughter. She said that their frequent visits wouldn’t have been possible in the era of late fees. “I’m a single mom and I simply couldn’t afford to come to the Library if there were still late fees. But this has taken so much stress off of me. I’m not afraid to take books out anymore. Coming to the City Library is such a pleasure.”

The Main Library in Downtown SLC

Deborah Ehrman, Interim Executive Director of The City Library, notes, “Even small fines of 20 cents a day can prevent folks from checking out items from the Library, essentially defeating a library’s purpose. After all, etched into the stone at the historic Chapman Branch are the words: Free Public Library. We look to these principles and our mission to continue to drive our work forward and allow all in our beloved Salt Lake community easy access to knowledge and information.”



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